Undergraduate Program (S1) in Chemistry (Regular/Parallel)

Undergraduate program (S1) in chemistry at department of chemistry, FMIPA Universitas Indonesia is strived to produce human resources who have the skills, qualifications and responsibilities as professionals, scientists, scholars in the field of chemistry and its applications. To achieve these goals, department of chemistry, UI have provided a set of undergraduate program curriculum totaling of 144 credit hours (SKS), both nationally and interantionally renowned academic staff, as well as modern supporting facilities such as laboratory and chemical instrumentations to produce competent human resources in the field of high quality chemistry.

Undergraduate program (S1) in chemistry at department of chemistry, UI has been accredited A (triple stars) from National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) since 2005 (SK No. 08858 / Ak-X-S1-008 / UIXKHM / VII / 2006 and Decree No. 2350 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / S / X / 2016) and holds the Standard Asean University Network (AUN) accreditation with ratting value of 5 (Better Than Adequate) since 2014.

In addition to the required courses, students are also subjected to conduct final year research in wide variety of chemical subjects such as biological chemistry which includes chemistry of natural products and biochemistry, non-biological fields such as physical chemistry, analytical and inorganic chemistry such as mineral chemistry, sensors, surface chemistry, polymer chemistry, hazardous materials, chemical toxicology, environmental chemistry, and many others.


Department of chemistry, Universitas Indonesia is committed to become the center of excellence in education and research in chemistry, which contributes to the development of science and technology both in national and regional level.


  • To produce chemistry graduates whom able to compete at both national and international levels with the ability to adapt to changes and development of science and technology.
  • To establish a strong institution and be able to play a key role in the advancement of chemistry and its application.
  • To develop the center of information in the field of chemistry which can contribute to solve social problems.