Department of Chemistry has conducted Academic Reputation Enhancement from October 2020 to April 2021 after selected and funded by Universitas Indonesia. Academic Reputation Enhancement is arranged by DPASDP (Direktorat Pengembangan Akademik dan Sumber Daya Pembelajaran) and is designed for performing several work programs, i.e.:

1. Global Academic Program (GAP)

This program is focused on creating a new academic program such as virtual short courses, credit transfer, and international internship certification but does not offer an academic degree.

2. Collaboration development with foreign lecturers/staff/researchers who will come to UI

a.    Visiting Professorship (VP)

This program is concentrated to develop international collaboration which involves an academic staff exchange, scientific development collaboration, mentoring of the final project, external examiner, giving public lectures, and workshops.

b.    International Benchmarking (IB)

This program is motivated on developing an international team involving lecturers/staff/industry practitioners internationally through programs external review programs, collaboration for engagement and enrichment, and benchmarking.

3. Collaboration development with diaspora (Diaspora Scientists Invitation (IID))

This program is dedicated to developing collaboration with international diaspora scientists affiliated with a university or foreign institutions in the development of curriculum and academic, research-publication, public lectures, and workshops.


Team Member of Academic Reputation Enhancement:

Head of Department of Chemistry as Project Leader: Dr. rer. nat. Budiawan

Project Coordinator: Dr. Yuni K. Krisnandi

Secretary: Dyah Utami Cahyaning Rahayu, M.Si.



Program Leaders

Global Academic Program: Dr. Rahmat Wibowo and Dita Arifa Nurani, M.Si., M.Sc.

Visiting Professorship: Dr. Muhammad Ridwan

International Benchmarking: Dr. Yuni K. Krisnandi

Diaspora Scientists Invitation: Dr. Iman Abdullah



Support Teams

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