Noverra M. Nizardo
 Noverra M. Nizardo NIP: 100220310210113891
ORCID: 0000-0002-7022-2210
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Organic Chemistry
Macromolecular Chemistry(Polymer Synthesis)
Contact Information
Office Building G, FMIPA, Kampus UI Depok, Universitas Indonesia
Phone +6221-7270027
Dr. rer. nat., Polymer Chemistry, Universität Potsdam, Germany, 2018
M.Sc., Polymer Science, Freie Universität Berlin-Humboldt Universität zu Berlin-Technische Universität Berlin-Universität Potsdam, Germany, 2010
B.Sc., Chemistry, University of Indonesia, Indonesia, 2006
Research Interest
Noverra has two main research interests:

  • (responsive) polymer synthesis for controlled release application
  • Modification of (bio)degradable polymers

Her research focus on the synthesis/ modification of polymers and polymer characterization in respect of chemical structure, molar masses, responsive behavior, particle sizes, and thermal behavior using 1 H-NMR, FTIR, DLS, DSC, etc.

Short Biography

Noverra M. Nizardo has a strong education background in polymer chemistry which she gained firstly during her Bachelor degree in Department of Chemistry, FMIPA, Universitas Indonesia. She was awarded DAAD Scholarship to pursue her Master degree in Polymer Science joint program (in Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, and Universität Potsdam, Germany) from 2008 to 2010 as well as her Doctoral degree in Universität Potsdam, Germany from 2014 to 2018, during which she strengthen her knowledges and skills in the field of polymer chemistry. She works at Department of Chemistry, Universitas Indonesia as lecturer and as the Head of Organic Chemistry division. Her research interest focused on the synthesis of (responsive) polymers, i.e, for controlled release, and modification of (bio)degradable polymers.

Honor & Awards
  • 2020, IPTEKS Bagi Masyarakat (Community Engagement) Research Grant from Universitas Indonesia.
  • 2020, PUTI 2020 Research Grant from Universitas Indonesia.
  • 2017, First Poster Award in European Detergents Conference (EDC 2017).
  • 2014, DAAD (German Academic Exchange) scholarship for Doctoral Degree.
  • 2008, DAAD (German Academic Exchange) scholarship for Master Degree.
Selected Publications
    • P. Utomo, N. M. Nizardo, E. Saepudin. “Crosslink Modification of Tapioca Starch with Citric Acid as a Functional Food”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, 2242, 040055.
    • N. M. Nizardo, F. Rahmatika, E. Budianto. “Effect of Polyblend Poly(D,L-Lactic Acid) and Polycaprolactone Composition in Captopril Microcapsule on the Encapsulation Efficiency and In Vitro Dissolution test”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, 2242, 040044.
    • W. C. R. Mandala, E. Saepudin, N. M. Nizardo. “Effect of Addition of Antibacterial Compound from Kelor Leaves Extract (Moringa Oleiferalam) to Foodborne Pathogen Bacteria Activity on Crosslinked Bioplastic Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Starch”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, 2242, 040042.
    • F. G Nugroho, N. M. Nizardo, E. Saepudin. “Synthesis of Citric Acid Crosslinked PVA/Tapioca Starch Bioplastic Reinforced with Grafted Cellulose”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, 2242, 040040.
    • N. M. Nizardo, G. Ashilah, E. Budianto. “In Vitro Efficiency an Dissolution Test from Captopril Microencapsulation by Varying Composition in Polyblend Poly(D-Lactic Acid) and Polycaprolactone”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, 2242, 040014.
    • N. S. Vishnevetskaya, V. Hildebrand, N. M. Nizardo, C. H. Ko, Z. Di, A. Radulescu, L. C. Barnsley, P. Müller-Buschbaum, A. Laschewsky, C. M. Papadakis. “All-In-One ‘Schizophrenic’ Self-Assembly of Orthogonally Tuned Thermoresponsive Diblock Copolymers”, Langmuir, 2019, 35, 19, p. 6441 – 6452.
    • N. M. Nizardo, D. Schanzenbach, E. Schönemann, A. Laschewsky, “Exploring Poly(ethylene glycol)-Polyzwitterion Diblock Copolymers as Biocompatible Smart Macrosurfactants Featuring UCST-Phase Behavior in Normal Saline Solution”, Polymers, 2018, 10(3), 325.
    • E. Budianto, S. P. Muthoharoh, N. M. Nizardo. “Effect of Crosslinking Agents, pH and Temperature on Swelling Behavior of Cross-linked Chitosan Hydrogel”. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences Vol. 03 – Issue 05, 2015, p. 581 – 588.
    • E. Budianto, N. M. Nizardo, T. Utari. “Pengaruh Teknik Polimerisasi Emulsi Terhadap Ukuran Partikel Kopoli(stirena/butil akrilat/metil metakrilat)”. Makara Seri Sains Vol. 12, No. 1. 2008, p.15 – 22.