Dr. Endang Saepudin

Endang Saepudin



NIP: 195712251986021002
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Division: Biochemistry

Title: Senior Lecturer

Bioorganic Chemistry

Contact Information
Email endang.saefudin@sci.ui.ac.id
Office G Building, Level 2, FMIPA UI
Phone +6221-7270027
Ph.D., Chemistry, McMaster University, Canada, 1995
B.Sc., Chemistry, University of Indonesia, Indonesia, 1985
Research Interest
Carbohydrates and protein bioengineering.
Short Biography

Honor & Awards
Selected Publications
  • Sasongko, A, Yopi, Rahmani, N., Lisdiyanti, P, and Saepudin, E. (2015) “Enzymatic hydrolysis of mannan from konjac (amorphophallus sp.) using mannanase from Streptomyces lipmanii to produce manno-oligosaccharides”. Makara Journal of Science, 19: 110-116.
  • Malik, A., Sheilla, S., Firdausi, W., Handayani, T., Saepudin, E. (2015), “Sucrase activity and exopolysaccharide partial characterization from three weissella confusa strains”. Hayati Journal of Biosciences, 22: 130-135.
  • Ivandini T.A., Saepudin, E., Einaga, Y. (2015) “Yeast-based biochemical oxygen demand sensors using gold-modified boron-doped diamond electrodes”. Analytical Sciences, 31: 643-649
  • Wahyuni, W.T., Ivandini T.A., Saepudin, E., Einaga, Y. (2016) “Development of neuraminidase detection using gold nanoparticles boron-doped diamond electrodes”, Analytical Biochemistry, 497: 68-7
  •  Sinurat, E., Peranginangin, R., Saepudin, E., (2015) “Purification and Characterization of Fucoidan from the Brown Seaweed Sargassum binderi Sonder”. Squalen Bull. of Mar. & Fish. Postharvest & Biotech., 10: 79-87
  • Sinurat,E., Saepudin, E., Peranginangin, R., Hudiyono, S. (2016) Immunostimulatory activity of brown seaweed-derived fucoidans at different molecular weights and purity levels towards white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 6: 082-091