The Analytical Chemistry Division (ACD) is responsible to organize and develop educational matter and research in both classic and modern analytical method, include obtaining and treating data, providing information on the chemical composition and structure of studied material. Principal knowledge on chemistry of material or system, instrumentation, and integrated statistic are applied to solve analytical method problems in the field of quality and safety of food stuff, health and environment.   

The ACD, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Universitas Indonesia, group of lecturers, with mission to develop their expertise in analytical chemistry with respect to the development of (1) curriculum, educational materials, and class management; (2) research cluster base on spectroscopic, chromatographic, and electrochemical methods, for new material, including catalyst, characterization, sensing system, for the health and environment application; (3) community services, such as, analytical chemistry workshop, training, chemical measurement services. 

Currently, the ACD is supported by five lecturers, most of them have a PhD degree, and one part time lecturer (Dosen Luar Biasa). They are handling classes, including laboratory work courses, curriculum development, and continuously development of lecture delivery methods, base on student center and active learning method.  

The research focus of the ACD’s staffs are ranging from separation sciences (extraction and chromatography), electrochemistry, spectroscopy methods and its combination, which are being applied for the characterization of functional materials, and dedicated to solve health and environmental problems. Their researches are supported by national (DGHE) and international grant (JSPS, TWAS), facilitate them to organize a collaborative research at national level (BATAN, PERTAMINA), and international level (LMPSC-Univ Strabourg, France, Kyoto University, Japan).


Specific Objectives

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis (based on conventional, spectroscopic, chromatography, electrochemistry, and its combination).  
  • Sample preparation, including selection, preparation, isolation, and pre-concentration.
  • Error determination and management, validation and verification, calibration and standardization. in analytical chemistry.
  • Separation science based on chemical behavior.
  • Development of new determination methods.
  • Characterization of newly development functional material e.g. Spectroscopics (UV-Vis; IR, X-Ray methods).
  • Integration and communicate of analytical results.
The  ACD has obligation and goal in developing high quality and competitive man power, which  has excellent knowledge and skill, especially in analytical chemistry, creative and innovative to develop analytical method, which will be applied to solve the relevant problem.


Division of Analytical Chemistry Faculties