Physical chemistry studies the physical properties of some materials in a molecular and atomic scale, the way chemical reactions occur, as well as their obvious properties.  The work covers material analysis and the development of analysis methods to study the properties of the investigated materials. Based on the analysis results, theories regarding the material properties are developed, then examined and verified to predict the behavior of other chemicals and to discover the potency of being applied in certain procedures.

Physical chemists should have a strong background not only in chemistry but also in mathematics and physics.  Furthermore, since the works of physical chemistry involve sophisticated instrumentations and equipments, physical chemists also generally become well trained and familiar with these instruments as good as the analytical chemists. In addition, many physical chemists also become an expert in material science, where their skills in analyzing and examining the physical properties of certain materials serve a useful purpose.


Specific Objectives

In the Department of Chemistry, Universitas Indonesia, teaching materials for Physical Chemistry is designed to follow the most updated research, development and application of physical chemistry fields, based on the subject of:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics of chemical changes/reactions
  • Atomic and molecular structure in relation to the quantum theory
  • Atomic and molecular spectroscopy is concerned with the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter



Research in the division of physical chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Indonesia covers some important major in physical chemistry field, including:

Interfacial and surface chemistry, involves the preparation, synthesis and modification of nanomaterials in liquid-liquid, colloidal and suspension systems, and their applications as catalyst, adsorbent, detection system to solve environmental problem, energy and to develop drug delivery system.

Electrochemistry of diamond and related materials with specific interest in modification and applications in the development of sensors and biosensors for safety foods and environmental monitoring as well as the development of electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis for chemical preparation, energy alternative development, and environmental problem solving.

Polymer technology covers the synthesis and applications in slow release fertilizers and drug delivery approach.


Division of Physical Chemistry Faculties