Chemistry serves as ‘mini library’ which representing a real life science regarding molecules with specific function and unique character. Atomic clusters specified in periodic table which bind with carbon atom and function as core in the structure. This reflects that in organic chemistry, all constituents are linked to and influence one another. Either as main chain or branch, as well as specific group function, each contributes in determining the general and specific property of the compound, such as boiling point, melting point, solubility, and reactivity against other compounds.

In this field of science, organic compounds exist in this universe are categorized in several groups according to the similarity of their chemical and physical properties, based on a particular study known as ‘molecular structure determination’. Thanks to the sophisticated instrumentations and characterization process, the determination of organic compound’s structure becomes easier and simpler. This leads to the discovery of ‘new’ compounds which its activity will be explored and hopefully will be benefited to the life of mankind.

Organic chemistry plays a role in the production of secondary metabolite by nature organism, commonly carries a complex structure. This structure provides an unlimited source to be studied, comprises several specific subjects to be elaborated, namely, stereochemistry, chemistry of natural materials, chemistry of polymer, chemistry of heterocyclic, and their biological properties.

Regarding its relation with industrial world, organic chemistry makes a significant contribution in terms of research and development in medicine, polymer, cosmetic, functional chemicals, essential oil production, perfume, and food flavor, etc. Basic organic chemistry is applied in all the said industries and this will prevail evermore.


Specific Objective in Organic Science

Teaching subjects and materials of organic chemistry science is designed according to the most updated development and research, as well as the latest applications of the subjects. Specific objective in organic chemistry science covers the main topics as follows:

  • Structure, Bonding, Acid, and Base
  • Organic Compound and Functional Group
  • Reaction and Reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry
  • Stereochemistry
  • Molecular Structure Determination
  • Chemistry of Polymer
  • Chemistry of Natural Material



Presently, research activity in Organic Chemistry Department highlights the following subjects:

  • Chemistry of Polymer
  • Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Synthesis in Organic Chemistry

All lecture subjects and research in Organic Chemistry Division is constructed to conform and support the research, development and application of the most up-to date organic material. Hopefully, the continuity of the organic science can adhere to the development in chemistry science research, mostly to be integrated and applied in other science field subjects. The lecture of organic chemistry is expected to be a competitive knowledge to encounter the development and career challenge both in chemistry and non-chemistry areas.

Division of Organic Chemistry Faculties