Dr. Munawar Khalil

Munawar Khalil
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ORCID: 0000-0002-7712-1738
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Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Materials
Hybrid Nanoparticles
Heterogeneous Catalysis
Contact Information
G Building, Level 1, FMIPA, Kampus UI Depok
Ph.D., Chemistry, New Mexico Tech, USA, 2015
M.Eng.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia, 2011
B.Sc. (Hons), Chemistry, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, 2007
Research Interest
Our lab is interested in the development of advanced functional nanomaterials. We focus our efforts in the synthesis and characterization of unique nanomaterials such as metal and metal oxides nanoparticles, bimetallic nanoparticles, hybrid nanoparticles, and semiconductor quantum dots with specific potential applications in catalysis, alternative energy, biomedical, electronics and sensing devices, oil and gas industry, and energy 
Short Biography
Dr. Khalil earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from New Mexico Tech, USA working under Dr. Ning Liu at Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC) and Professor Michael D. Heagy in 2015. He completed his B.Sc. in chemistry at Bogor Agricultural University in 2007 and obtained M.Eng.Sc. in chemical engineering from University of Malaya in 2011. He was the HIR Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Energy Science, University of Malaya. Before joining UI as inorganic chemistry lecturer, he briefly worked as Research Fellow at Centre for Research in Nanotechnology and Catalysis (NANOCAT), University of Malaya. He was the recipient of 2015 NMT Founders Award and Ambassador Award for Excellence from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC.
Honor & Awards
  • 2015, NMT Founders Award, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM, USA.
  • 2014, Ambassador’s Award for Excellence, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Washington DC, USA.
  • 2014, GSA Travel Award, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM, USA.
  • 2014, LPDP Scholarship, Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Selected Publication
  • Khalil, M., Jan, B.M., Tong, C.W., Berawi, M.A. (2017) “Advanced nanomaterials in oil and gas industry: design, applications and challenges” Appl. Energy. 191: 287-310.
  • Khalil, M., Wang, S., Yu, J., Lee, R.L., Liu, N. (2016). “Electrodeposition of iridium oxide nanoparticles for pH sensing electrode” J. Electrochem. Soc. 163: B485-B490.
  • Nordiyana, M.S.W., Khalil, M., Jan, B.M., Ali, B.S., Tong, C.W. (2016). “Formation and phase behavior of Winsor type III Jatropha curcas-based microemulsion systems” J. Surfact. Deterg. 19: 701-712.
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