Siswati Setiasih, M.Si.

Siswati Setiasih
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Senior Lecturer
Contact Information
Office G Building, Level 2, FMIPA UI
Phone +6221-7270027
M.Sc., Chemistry, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, 1993
Specialist, Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, 1986
B.Sc., Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, 1985
Research Interest
Isolation, purification, and characterization of bromelain and glucosidase from natural resources, and their application as bioactive enzyme and biocatalyst
Short Biography

Siswati Setiasih was born in Bandung, August 27, 1953. She received his bachelor degree and specialist from the Department of Pharmacy Universitas Indonesia Jakarta and graduated in 1986. She continued study at Department of Chemistry Institut Teknologi Bandung and graduated in 1993. Now, she is senior lecturer at Department of Chemistry Universitas Indonesia and conduct a research with the whole topic in the isolation and characterization of enzyme with interesting functions.

Honor & Awards
  • Hibah PUTP Penelitian Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi 2016 DIKTI
Selected Publications
  • Siswati Setiasih et al. (2016). “Antiplatelet Activity of Bromelain Isolated from The Extract of Indonesia’s Pineapple Core (Ananas comosus [L] Merr.)”. Proceeding of International Conference on Biocienses & Medical Engineering. Universiti Teknologi Malaya, Johor Malaysia.
  • Siswati Setiasih et al. (2016). “Comparative Study of Two Methods of Fractionation Bromelain from Pineapple Core Extracts”. AIP Conference Proceedings. Proceedings of the International Science and Mathematics in Academics Research Talks (ISMART).
  • Siswati Setiasih et al. (2016). “Partial Purification and Characterization of Bromelain from The core and Flesh of Pineapple Extracts (Ananas comosus)”. Proceeding of Internasioanal Seminar: Collaborative Seminar of Chemistry and Industry (COSCI), Surabaya