Tuti Wukirsari, PhD


Tuti Wukirsari
 Yuni K Krisnandi NIP: 198507062020122007
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Organic Synsthesis
Structure-activity relationship
Natural product chemistry
Contact Information
Email tutiwukirsari@sci.ui.ac.id
Office Building G,  FMIPA UI
Phone +6221-7270027
PhD, Bioorganic Chemistry, Ehime University, Japan, 2015
MAgr, Bioorganic Chemistry, Ehime University, Japan, 2012
BSc, Chemistry, IPB University
Research Interest
  • Synthesis of natural product and its derivatives
  • Bioactivity of natural product
  • Utilization of biomolecules
Short Biography

Tuti Wukirsari earned her master degree and PhD from Ehime University, Japan, under the supervision of Prof. Satoshi Yamauchi. Throughout her master and doctoral studies, she worked on total synthesis of lignan derivatives and evaluated its structure-activity relationship. Insecticidal activity of lignan derivatives against housefly and mosquito larvae was investigated for her master thesis. Meanwhile, she focused on cytotoxic activity of lignan derivatives against cancer cell line during her doctoral studies. To have a better understanding on the mechanism of lignan cytotoxicity, she examined the expression of Caspase 3, 7 and 9 and also the fragmentation of DNA. She also did a flow cytometry technique to reinforce the finding on apoptosis induction by lignan derivatives.

Honor & Awards

Monbukagakusho scholarship, 2010-2015

Selected Publications
      • Wukirsari T, Nishiwaki H, Hasebe A, Shuto Y, Yamauchi S. 2013. First discovery of insecticidal activity of 9,9′-epoxylignane and dihydroguaiaretic acid against houseflies and the structure−activity relationship. J Agric Food Chem 61:4318−4325.
      • Wukirsari T, Nishiwaki H, Nishi K, Sugahara T, Akiyama K, Kishida T, Yamauchi S. 2016. Effect of the structure of dietary epoxylignan on its cytotoxic activity: relationship between the structure and the activity of 7,7′-epoxylignan and the introduction of apoptosis by caspase 3/7. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 80:669−675.
      • Yamauchi S, Wukirsari T, Ochi Y, Nishiwaki H, Nishi K, Sugahara T, Akiyama K, Kishida T. 2017. Syntheses of cytotoxic novel arctigenin derivatives bearing halogen and alkyl group on aromatic rings. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 27:4199–4203.