Undergraduate Program of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Indonesia


Vision, Missions, and Goals of the Undergraduate Program of Chemistry FMIPA-UI


To become a center of excellence in chemical education and research, which is capable of contributing to the development of science and technology at the national and international levels.


  1. To produce graduates who can compete both nationally and internationally and able to adapt to changes and developments in science and technology;
  2. To develop institutions that are qualified and able to participate in the advancement of chemistry and its application; and
  3. To build an information center in the field of chemistry, which plays a role in solving community problems.

Educational Goals of the Undergraduate Program of Chemistry

  1. To implement quality education and training programs and gradually occupy the top position on the national and international levels;
  2. To produce graduates with competences in chemistry and its and applications, who are competitive at the national and international levels; and
  3. To produce quality researches in the field of chemistry and its applications.

The graduate profile of the Undergraduate Program of Chemistry FMIPA-UI produces chemistry graduates who are able to design solutions to urban problems related to energy, health and the environment by applying chemistry and their skills in innovative and productive activities, as well as in possession of attitudes and behaviors that are in accordance with the community life system.

Expected Programme Learning Outcome (PLO) of the Undergraduate Program of Chemistry FMIPA UI

  1. Able to connect the concepts in the five sub-disciplines of chemistry, namely analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry in a systematic and comprehensive manner,
  2. Able to analyze problems occurring in the fields of energy, health and environment in a qualitative and quantitative manner,
  3. Able to design experiments accurately according to the procedures of good laboratory practices for the preparation, purification and analysis of a substance and also the use of proper instrumentation,
  4. Able to interpret results of measurements of chemical instruments and software for the determination of a chemical compound, either qualitatively or quantitatively,
  5. Able to propose solutions to various simple problems in the fields of energy, health, and environment based on their scientific background,
  6. Able to formulate chemical knowledge with entrepreneurship to create a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors,
  7. Able to defend ideas, findings, and the impacts of a chemical process to anticipate social, economic, energy, health and environmental problems,
  8. Able to develop an attitude of professionalism and have willingness to lifelong learning in the field of chemistry.

To complete the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Chemistry, FMIPA UI, students are required to take part in academic activities with a minimum weight of 144 (one hundred and forty four) credits within a minimum period of 3.5 years and a maximum of 6 years.

Course Composition

Course Type Credit Total
Compulsory Course University 9 100
Faculty 8
Study Program 83
Free/Study Program Elective Courses 44 44
Total 144
Course Group Total Credit Percentage
University Compulsory Courses (PPKPT) 7 5%
Science & Technology Cluster Compulsory Courses 2 1%
FMIPA Compulsory Courses* 8 6%
Study Program Compulsory Courses 83 58%
Concentration Electives 30%
– Analytical Chemistry 19
– Inorganic Chemistry 16
– Physical Chemistry 18
– Organic Chemistry 14
– Biochemistry 21
Free Electives (outside the Study Program)

*Basic Chemistry is included in the study program compulsory courses